Tax Attorney Assists with Tax Matters in Johnson County and Wyandotte County


A tax attorney wears many hats, one of which is as a taxpayer advocate, finding solutions for clients with tax-related matters. At Chapin Law Firm, a tax attorney has the clients’ best interests in mind, whether a business entity or an individual filer.  As a local, multidisciplinary practice with an emphasis on financial matters, our…

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Bankruptcy Attorney Handles Business and Personal Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy attorney can relieve your stress and provide you with a fresh start when you can no longer pay your creditors by liquidating your assets to pay your debts, or by creating a repayment plan. Bankruptcy is structured to help individuals and businesses who owe more debt than they are able to pay. Under…

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Welcome all who visit our website!

Chapin Law Firm, LLC – Leading Bankruptcy and Tax Attorney in Shawnee, Kansas The Chapin Law Firm hopes you find us to be informative, entertaining, and useful. You have many choices when surfing online for an attorney and we want you to choose us with confidence. Our website was designed to provide you with everything…

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