Business Attorney in Johnson County helps Produce Accurate Financials

Chapin Law Firm Business Attorney-Accounting Systems-Financials blog

A business attorney in Johnson County and Wyandotte County can help, not only with your tax issues but with problems in your accounting systems and help to produce accurate financials. Brett Chapin, a business attorney in Johnson County started his professional career more than 20 years ago as CPA, certified public accountant before entering into…

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Tax Attorney in Johnson County Handles Tax Preparation

Chapin Law Firm LLC Tax Attorney in Johnson County blog

Do you need a tax attorney in Johnson County or Wyandotte County to help with this year’s returns? Do you have questions about the Advanced Child Care Credit, Stimulus payments, or something else? If so, you should contact Brett Chapin, a tax attorney in Johnson County with Chapin Law Firm, LLC. He is knowledgeable and…

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Tax Attorney in Wyandotte County Helps Resolve Tax Debt

Chapin Law Tax Attorney in Wyandotte County Helps Resolve Tax Debt blog

You should contact a tax attorney in Wyandotte County when the penalties and interest for back taxes are accumulating at an alarming rate. When this happens, things can quickly get out of control and become overwhelming to handle. You risk wage garnishment, levies on your bank accounts, liens on your home, and more. Fortunately, there…

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A Bankruptcy Attorney Ensures Success with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


A bankruptcy attorney finds a way to free you from financial struggles to help protect your assets from creditors by helping you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which provides relief from most debt obligations. In most cases, a bankruptcy attorney is successful in helping get their clients’ debt discharged – which means completely eliminated – in…

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Tax Attorney Assists with Tax Matters in Johnson County and Wyandotte County


A tax attorney wears many hats, one of which is as a taxpayer advocate, finding solutions for clients with tax-related matters. At Chapin Law Firm, a tax attorney has the clients’ best interests in mind, whether a business entity or an individual filer.  As a local, multidisciplinary practice with an emphasis on financial matters, our…

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Tax Attorney Provides Expert Tax Return Preparation

A tax lawyer’s services may not be required if filing your tax returns is relatively simple and straightforward. Depending on your financial situation, however, getting professional guidance and advice can be in your favor, simply for taking advantage of the numerous deductions and credits that are allowed and thereby avoiding having to pay more taxes…

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Bankruptcy Attorney Handles Business and Personal Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy attorney can relieve your stress and provide you with a fresh start when you can no longer pay your creditors by liquidating your assets to pay your debts, or by creating a repayment plan. Bankruptcy is structured to help individuals and businesses who owe more debt than they are able to pay. Under…

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