A Bankruptcy Attorney Ensures Success with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


A bankruptcy attorney finds a way to free you from financial struggles to help protect your assets from creditors by helping you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which provides relief from most debt obligations. In most cases, a bankruptcy attorney is successful in helping get their clients’ debt discharged – which means completely eliminated – in nearly 100% of the cases. If you’re considering filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy call a bankruptcy attorney!

Liquidation of debt under Chapter 7 is a common method of helping individuals who become overwhelmed with debt and are unable to make regular monthly payments toward their paying off their debts. Some taxes may be dischargeable, depending on the facts and circumstances of each case.

Filing personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7 takes careful preparation and understanding of legal issues. The bankruptcy attorney will require you to provide records that support your claims of assets and debts, and it’s important that you don’t hold back any information. When the bankruptcy attorney has enough documented evidence to evaluate your case, he will advise you as to the best way to proceed, or in some cases, if it looks like your problem could be resolved through a debt settlement plan or some other viable option, advise you not to file bankruptcy. If you do proceed in filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will be expected to appear before a Chapter 7 trustee for a review of your bankruptcy petition. In most cases, your bankruptcy attorney will have completed all of the necessary steps up to this point, along with providing backup documentation to the trustee.

Like most legal matters, you should have a bankruptcy attorney guide you through the process; it will increase your chances of success and give you peace of mind. During an initial consultation with the bankruptcy attorney, you will be advised of your options, including which type of bankruptcy to file, the most common being Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. In addition to advising you which chapter to file, he will advise you of which of your debts can be discharged, whether or not you will be able to keep your home, car, or other property after you file, advise you of the tax consequences of filing bankruptcy and further assist you with most aspects of your bankruptcy case.

At the conclusion of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will receive a discharge of all of your dischargeable debt. In other words, you will be released from personal liability for certain dischargeable debts.

We understand how unmanageable personal debt can quickly overwhelm your life. Having the right bankruptcy attorney on your side to navigate the bankruptcy process for you can make all the difference. With an experienced bankruptcy attorney and former certified public account (CPA), Chapin Law Firm, LLC is in a unique position to help you get the best financial relief possible. Our extensive knowledge of financial matters and bankruptcy law allows us to help you successfully navigate a complex process, and our attentive and compassionate approach will make it easier for you.

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